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No Need for Expensive and Complicated
Recognition Software

Applauz makes it easy to start a customized recognition program for your business in about 10 minutes

  • Recognition managers assignation
    Assign Recognition Managers

    Program Administrators can assign multiple managers to handle their recognition program efforts.

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    Awesome Index Report

    The Manager's 'Awesome Index' measures individual manager effectiveness and helps you understand if they’re making a real difference.

  • Employee Engagement Report showing increased results
    Employee Engagement Report

    Access real-time reports on how well your employee engagement and recognition efforts are doing.

Access Critical Employee Intelligence

The most important aspect of any business is the quality of their workforce. Without the right people in the right roles providing their valuable skills and experience to the job, your business would undoubtedly suffer. Applauz assists employers to identify and understand their organization’s unique human business drivers, because not everything is managed by artificial intelligence and robots!

  • Engagement Report

    Applauz provides real-time and aggregated engagement reports. Understand at a glance how your recognition program is doing, and the positive effects it's having on your workforce.

  • Learn

    • Which employees bring the most value to your organization.
    • Who your most engaged staff members are.
    • What motivates your top talent.