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  • Employees praising each other for a job well done

    Peer-to-Peer Recognition

    Let employees praise each other for a job well done. Keep track of employees who consistently deliver results and recognize their efforts in real time.

  • Thumbs-up symbolizing company values appreciation

    Company Values Appreciation

    Support your workplace culture and company mission by recognizing employees who honour your company values.

  • Calendar celebrating employee events

    Celebrate Employee Events

    Get automatic employee birthday and work anniversary notifications. Announce and celebrate special employee occasions with your entire team.

  • Award for promoting a culture of healthy competition

    Promote Healthy Competition

    Establish a culture of healthy competition with recognition leaderboards that help drive employee engagement and increase productivity.

  • Award recognition badge for positive engagement behaviour

    Award Recognition Badges

    Award your employees with recognition badges. Employees can earn badges for positive company engagement behaviour.

  • Social company watercooler

    Company News Feed

    Publish workplace stories, announce news and new program participants, and let employees share their everyday lives with each other.

  • Integrated polling feature for employers and managers

    Manage Company Polls

    Create custom company polls, or let your employees ask each other questions using the integrated polling feature.

  • Pulse survey for gauging Employee Engagement

    Conduct Pulse Surveys

    Pulse Surveys provide a series of automated, scientifically-driven questions to help you understand how engaged your employees actually are.

  • Hand holding Reward Points

    Give Reward Points

    Participants earn points for actions and events that you choose. Reward points are redeemed for items offered in your program’s rewards marketplace.