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Adding and Managing Employees

By: Applauz Recognition
Jun 14, 2019

You’ll need to invite at least one (1) employee in order to launch your recognition program. Invite your employees by navigating to the “Employees” page accessible from the “Program” dropdown menu area under “Employees”. From there, the page will open up with your list of employees,


simply click on “Add” at the top right of the employee box to begin adding staff members individually, or click on Import to upload a complete list of employees in bulk.

Once you’ve added your employees, and have launched your recognition program, your staff will receive a welcome email invitation containing their program credentials.

Applauz lets you decide how best to add your staff to your company recognition program by providing you with two options. If you have more than ten (10) employees, we recommend you use the bulk upload tool. If you have less than ten (10) employees, we recommend you add your employees one by one.

NOTE: Program Owners, as well as Managers, can add, edit, and delete employees at any time.

Adding Employees in bulk

(recommended for companies with more than 10 employees)

  • To import all your employees at once, start by navigating to the employee’s page accessible via the manager’s console and select “Employees” in the scroll-down menu


  • Click on the “Import” button located at the top of the Employee List


  • Download the CSV template and open it in your favourite spreadsheet application (Google Sheets, Excel, etc.). Enter all of your employee profile information into the spreadsheet under the appropriate columns. (Instructions are available on the spreadsheet)


  • Follow the instructions present on the Spreadsheet and fill in your employee information in the designated columns available

NOTE: Make sure you enter dates and save the file in the required formats, otherwise the system will generate an error message.

  • Upload your employee CSV file by clicking on the “upload” button (accessible on the employee’s page by clicking on “import”)

If your import was successful you’ll see an on-screen confirmation message. If you encounter any issue or error with the upload process or the spreadsheet itself, Applauz will tell you what exactly went wrong so you can correct the problem.

Adding Employees One by One

(For companies with less than 10 employees)

  • Click on the “ADD” button

The “Add Employee” window will appear:


  • Fill out the required employee profile information and click on “Save Employee” once you’re done. Applauz will let you know if your employee was successfully added with a message confirmation on the top right-hand corner of the screen:


Updating Your Employees’ Profiles

  • Employee profiles can only be edited by the Program Owner or Reward Managers.  You can choose to edit an employee’s profile anytime by clicking on the pen icon appearing when hovering over the employee’s profile:


What happens once I’ve added employees?

  • Once you’ve added at least one (1) employee and have completed your recognition program setup, you’ll be able to launch your program.
  • Any employees added prior to launching your program will be emailed an invitation the minute you’ve launched.
  • Any employee added after you’ve launched will receive an invitation email with their credentials immediately after their employee profile was successfully added to the program.

Here’s the program invitation email message added employees receive:

That’s all there is to it! If you experience any issue when adding employees or if for any reason you’re not able to launch your program, let us know! We’ll be happy to help you out.


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