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Applauz Points Top-Up for Employees

Applauz Points Top-Up for Employees

By: Applauz Recognition
Mar 21, 2019

Applauz lets Employees “Top Up” their Points Wallets anytime with additional Applauz Points they can use to redeem products from the Applauz Rewards Marketplace. So, if you just can’t wait to earn the points you need to redeem that item you saved to your wishlist, you can now choose to simply Top Up your account!

Here’s how it works

  • Your Company has to have purchased Applauz Points and the Rewards Marketplace must also be “enabled” (Accessible through the Owner’s Program Settings) before Employees are able to Top Up their Points Wallets.
  • Applauz will always use Employees’ Awarded Points before dipping into their Top-Up Points, however, Employees will only ever see a single Points Wallet with their combined Awarded Points and Top-Up Points available to redeem.
  • If an Employee leaves the company, they’ll still have access to their Top-Up Points, so long as their account is active.

Update Billing & Shipping Information

If you haven’t previously entered a Shipping and/or Billing address, you will want to do that first.

  1. Click on your Profile icon and select “My Profile
  2. Enter your Shipping Address. This is where your reward will be shipped.
  3. Enter your Billing Address. Make sure it is the address associated with your credit card.
  4. Note: If your Billing Address is the same as the Shipping Address Select the checkbox “Use shipping address for your billing address”

Purchase Top-Up Points

Now that your Billing & Shipping information is in order, you can purchase Top-Up packages as often as you wish.

  1. Click on your profile icon and select “Top-Up My Points
  2. Select which of the three points packages you want to purchase in order to Top Up your Points Wallet
  3. Once the purchase is confirmed at checkout, the additional Top-Up Points you purchased will be immediately added to your Points Wallet and are available to use thereafter at your discretion.

Topping up your Points Wallet is a great way for you to get that gift you’ve been waiting for. Not to worry though, any purchase made will first deduct from your earned points before dipping into your purchased points. Keep doing great work at the office, and your purchased points will be a very secondary method of getting those few extra points to get your desired gifts!


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