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Applauz Points

Applauz Points

By: Applauz Recognition
Jun 3, 2019
Applauz Points are your company’s recognition currency. Step up your employee recognition game by rewarding Applauz Points to your employees for a job well done.Employees can redeem their points anytime for actual, valuable merchandise available on Applauz Marketplace. Applauz Marketplace offers more than 3,000 items from more than 300 world-class brands, so there’s bound to be something for everyone!

Applauz Points are a great way to reward your workforce. Give points to your staff anytime you, or one of your Managers, think they deserve recognition for a significant company achievement.

Points enable employees to reward themselves with a gift of their choosing on the Applauz Marketplace. Once points are redeemed, employees receive their gift by mail. Orders are sent within two business days directly to the office, or a location of their choice.

Scientific studies have shown that tangible rewards motivate better than cash incentives, and have been proven to improve productivity, company appreciation, employee loyalty, and overall engagement. With Applauz points, your employees are able to redeem valuable, name-brand, products available on the Applauz Marketplace.

Applauz also lets you allocate points to your Managers so they can recognize their teams. As a Program Owner, you’ll have full control over how many points you wish to purchase, which Managers receive a points wallet and how many points are assigned to them. Only the Program Owner can purchase and allocate points and only Managers and the Program Owner can award points on Applauz.

Benefits of points include:

  • Improve employee recognition
  • Motivate employees to perform at their best
  • Support company appreciation

Characteristics of points:

  • 10 points = 1 $
  • Points are optional and can be purchased on the Applauz Platform
  • No monthly fees, contracts, or hidden costs
  • Points have no expiration date
  • Redeemable on the Applauz Marketplace (Shipping and applicable taxes included)

How to buy points

The first step to purchasing points is making sure your company profile information is complete.

To set up your company profile:

  1. Program > Settings
  2. Locate the company information form
  3. Fill in your company address, city, country, state/province & zip/postal code
  4. Save your changes

Once your company profile is complete you are ready to purchase points.

  1. Program > Buy Points
  2. Click on Purchase Applauz Points
  3. Select one of the popular points packages OR purchase a custom amount of points using the a-la-carte package option
  4. With your preferred package selected, continue to checkout
  5. Review the Purchase Information and Billing Address to ensure there are no errors
  6. Add a new payment method by filling in your credit card information
  7. Purchase points


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