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Assigning Managers on Applauz

Assigning Managers on Applauz

By: Applauz Recognition
Jun 3, 2019

Applauz lets anyone who is designated as “Manager” on the system recognize and reward employees on your Applauz Recognition program. Managers are the link between You and your Employees. Think of them as your Employee Engagement Superheros!

Applauz Managers will help you with your day-to-day employee engagement and recognition efforts. Employees you choose as “Managers” exist to support your daily recognition activities to ensure your program is performing optimally. Assigning Applauz Managers is key to your recognition program’s overall success.

Usually the individuals you designate as Applauz Managers are also actual Managers at your organization. However, it really could be anyone you choose and trust to perform the important recognition duties assigned to the Applauz Managerial role.

What Managers CAN do:

  • Award Recognition Badges and Points
  • Generate recognition reports to assess your program’s performance and results
  • Manage employee profiles and program participation
  • Administer Pulse Surveys
  • Moderate the company News Feed
  • Support and emphasize your company’s values
  • Positively engage each and every day with their employees
  • Encourage program adoption and daily peer-to-peer recognition activity

What Managers CAN’T do:

  • Purchase Recognition points
  • Add points to their points account or wallet from the company points bank

How Recognition works on Applauz

Employee Recognition consists of recognizing your most deserving employees whenever they go above and beyond their mandates, successfully complete an important task, or exemplify your company values. Employees who feel valued and recognized for their work are known to be more productive and loyal to their organization.

Applauz lets you recognize your employees either directly, or through your Managers. You may also decide to assign Managers their own Points account so they can then directly recognize their teams.

Managers, just like Account Owners, can give customized badges available on Applauz to use as they see fit. If you or your Managers think employees deserve more recognition for their contribution to the company, you can reward employees with points redeemable for thousands of products on the Marketplace.

Recognizing Employee

How to use the “Assign Manager” feature?

Assigning Managers on Applauz is extremely easy. Navigate to the “employees” section that is listed in the drop-down menu under Program:

From the full list of employees that appears on the screen, find the employee you wish to give managerial responsibility to and click on the “edit” button to the right of their name:

When the Edit Employee Modal pops up, under “Role” the drop-down menu will give the option of Employee and Manager. Select Manager and then Click on Save Employee.


Once you’ve assigned the Manager role to your employee, you’ll see the change reflected in your Employee list:


Take the first step to recognize your workforce today!

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