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Employee Events Celebrations

Employee Events Celebrations

By: Applauz Recognition
Jun 6, 2019
Celebrating employee events, whether personal, or professional, is paramount to your employee engagement program’s success. By sending you automatic notifications and reminders, Applauz Recognition helps you organize and celebrate employee events, be it a birthday, a work anniversary, or anything in between, so you can truly make a difference when it matters most in the lives of your staff.

Employee Engagement is not just a bunch of tactics one uses as part of a profit-centered strategy, it’s really about connecting with individuals on a human level. Celebrate your employees for who they are, and not only for the value they bring to your company.

Celebrating employee events, both in their personal and professional lives empowers your company to attract and retain top talent. It’s not always easy to do, however, and that’s where Applauz Recognition can come to the rescue.

By sending you birthday and work anniversary notifications, Applauz prevents you from missing an important date on your employee’s calendar. What’s more, the News Feed allows you to publish personalized posts for any and every special occasion, be it an employee graduation, marriage, or any other important life event.

To see what the upcoming birthdays and years of service click on “Reports” in the top navigation bar and scroll down to the very bottom. You will see one window marked “Upcoming” and there you will be able to see all the aforementioned information

Additionally, Applauz lets you “Spot Gift”, which means that you can purchase a gift to give to an employee anytime you see fit using your Program points.

Choose to use your Applauz Points to order a gift card or any other item on the Rewards Marketplace. This way, you can celebrate special employee events with world-class gifts, and have them delivered right at your employee’s desk gift-wrapped and with a personalized card. How cool is that?

Benefits of Employee Events Celebration

  • Never miss an employee’s birthday, work anniversary, or any other important life event
  • Employees can take part in the celebration by “liking” and “congratulating” their coworkers
  • Enhances employees value proposition (EVP)
  • Supports employee loyalty and dedication to their work
  • Contributes to a positive work atmosphere

How to celebrate employee events on the News Feed

As the Owner of your company’s program, you can enable automatic birthday and anniversary posts to be published on the News Feed in your Program Options under “Settings”


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