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The Engagement Report: A Bird’s-Eye View

The Engagement Report: A Bird’s-Eye View

By: Applauz Recognition
Apr 30, 2019

The Engagement Report gives you some oversight on how your recognition program is performing. See who your top Reward Managers and Employees are, the awarded badges, and upcoming Employee Birthdays and Work Anniversaries.

When it comes to Employee Engagement the most important tool outside of having a recognition program, is having the analytics to review how everything is going and make adjustments accordingly as is needed. These kinds of measurements help you fine tune your engagement program to perfect it.

Divided into three sections:

  • News Feed Activity
  • Leaderboard
  • Birthdays & Years of service

Each section serves its purpose and feeds you insight into different aspects of your organization’s engagement. Let’s dive in a little deeper into each one.

News Feed Activity

The activity statistics can be filtered to view information over different time frames such as “Previous 7 days”, “Month”, or “Year”. You can even adjust the specific month and year you want to see from the drop down selection menus.

All Posts

These metrics outline the total number of posts and recognitions given.

Recognitions (Owner to Managers):

This window represents the number of times the program Owner has recognized Reward Managers of the organization.

Recognitions (Managers to Employees):

This graph will allow you to see the number of times your managers have given out recognition to your employees.

Recognitions (Peer to Peer):

This metric demonstrates every time one of your employees recognizes another employee.

Recognitions (Employees to Managers):

This metric shows you how many times employees have recognized their managers.

Points Given:

Here you can see the number of Points that were given out over time.

Badges Given:

You can see the total number of badges that have been distributed over time.

Comments Given:

This graph will let you see the total amount of comments written over your Applauz Newsfeed.

Reactions Given:

These are the total number of reactions posts and comments have garnered over time.

Leaderboard Statistics:

Here you can see the entire overview of your top performers down to your less active ones. You can scroll through the pages to go further down the list, and see everything from Recognitions Received, Given, Badges and Points Earned, as well as Years of Service and how Engaged they are.

Birthdays and Years of Service:

You can see upcoming employee birthdays as well as upcoming years of service including the date they were hired.


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