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Company Polls

Company Polls
Use the Company Poll feature to get employee feedback on anything from adjusting the office temperature to finding the best time to organize company social activities. Polls allow you and your employees to sound out each other’s opinions on any workplace topics.

Use Poll results to gain valuable insights on how to improve your work environment, gauge employee sentiment to new policies and company initiatives, and create a clear consensus among your employees.

Forget about the old suggestion box and show of hands. Applauz Polls enable you and your employees to easily create real-time, relevant poll questions about any workplace-related topic.

Asking for regular employee feedback contributes to employee engagement and company culture by fostering a sense of community and belonging. Employees who feel their voices are heard are more likely to perform better and be more loyal to your company.

Benefits of Company Polls

  • Receive immediate insights on the state of your company’s employee engagement
  • Easily organize workplace activities
  • Gather data that will help you define your most effective engagement practices
  • Support company culture appreciation
  • Make employees feel listened to and valued

Characteristics of Company Polls

  • Owners can decide to only have polls administered by Managers or allow any employee to create a  company poll.
  • Active polls are displayed on the News Feed
  • Results can be hidden from employees
  • You can provide up to 5 multiple choice answers
  • You can access poll statistics to gain valuable insights on employee sentiment
  • All previously expired polls saved and accessible on the Manager’s console.

How to use the “Company Polls” feature?

The owner and Managers of the program can launch Company Polls on any topic, whenever they want. As the Owner of your recognition program, you can allow employees to launch Company Polls by enabling it in your program’s options on the Settings Page:

Whenever you want to create a poll, click on the “+” icon on the News Feed and select “Poll” in the scroll-down menu:

Write your Poll name, question, and choice of answers:

Once you’re done, simply click on the “Post” button.

Your poll will appear in the News Feed for employees to answer it:


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