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How to Add Applauz to Slack

As the Owner of your Applauz program, you can now integrate Applauz to your Slack workspace. This allows your employees to receive direct notifications on Slack whenever recognition is awarded, keeping your employees connected and engaged to each other on Slack.

How to use Applauz with Slack

Simply connect your Applauz Account by navigating to your program’s settings page and clicking on the “Connect to Slack” button. Once your account is connected, your employees will begin receiving direct notifications from the Applauz bot each time a manager awards points or badges. Employees also get updates when they give each other peer recognition.

If you don’t already use Slack, all you have to do is create an account here:

To enable this feature, please follow these quick steps

  • First, Log in to your Applauz Account, and navigate to the “Settings” page located on the Main Menu.
  • On the Settings page, Scroll down to Program section:

  • In your Program section, Click onAdd to Slack”. You will then be redirected to Slack where you’ll be asked to “Confirm your Identity” before you’ll be allowed to connect to your workspace.

  • Once you’ve confirmed your Slack account you’ll be required to Select the (Slack) channel you’d like your Applauz notifications to be sent to.
  • Select the channel to connect to and Click on “Authorize”,  you’ll then be redirected to this following page:

  • Slack will then ask you to Log in if you’re not already.

Once you’ve connected your Slack Channel to Applauz, you’ll immediately receive an email confirmation  from Slack letting you know you’ve successfully installed Applauz Bot:

Once installed, Applauz Bot will begin to send you notifications every time an employee or manager posts a recognition message.

  • Employees wanting to know more about what’s happening on their Company’s Applauz account can simply Click on the “Applauz News Feed” link available in your Slack channel and they’ll be redirected to the Company Applauz Newsfeed.

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