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Launching your Company Recognition Program

By: Applauz Recognition
Jun 14, 2019

In order to begin engaging and recognizing your workforce with Applauz you’ll need to activate (“launch”) your program first. To activate your program, Applauz required that you first complete your recognition program setup. Completing your program setup is done in three (3) easy steps.

Your program won’t launch until you’ve completed your program setup and clicked on “Launch Program”. Your employees will receive an activation email only after you’ve launched.

Completing your Recognition Program set up

To launch your company’s recognition program, start by navigating to and click on the “See What’s Left” button at the top right of your page.



A modal will pop up outlining what’s left for you to complete before you may launch your program:

1- Verify Your Email Address

You should have received a verification email asking you to verify your account, or you can select the “Resend Verification Email” (seen on the previous step) to prompt the system to send you another verification email.

Click on Verify my Account which will open a new window onto your Applauz Recognition’s Settings Page.

2- Complete your Company’s Information Section under Program in the top navigation bar.


Once all the appropriate information is entered, click on “Save Company Info” in the bottom right of the box.


3- Add at least one (1) employee

For you to launch your program, you’ll need to invite at least one (1) employee to join your program. This can be done easily by navigating on the Employee Page under “Settings”. To complete this step, please follow the instructions detailed in “Adding and Managing Employees”.


4- Launch!

From here, you can either click on “See What’s Left” and select the “I’m Ready to Launch” button seen below:


Or you could simply click on “See What’s Left” to view exactly what you’ve completed and what is left to be finished.


What Happens Once I’ve Launched My Company Recognition Program?

As the Owner of your recognition program, you will receive an email confirmation immediately after you’ve launched:

Employees you’ve added to your recognition program prior to launching will immediately receive a welcome activation email (see below for example) inviting them to log in to the program and update their password.

Any employees added after you’ve launched your program will receive their activation email as soon as the employee record is successfully added to your program.

Also, employees you designate as Managers will receive their activation email as soon as they’re added to your program, regardless of whether you’ve launched your program or not.

Employee Welcome Activation email:

Reward Manager Welcome Activation email:


Best Practices Before Launching Your Program

Here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you launch your recognition program successfully:

    • Prior to launching your program, it’s a good idea to let your employees know about it! Discussing your recognition efforts before you actually launch your program helps every participant understand its value, your expectations, and how you wish your workforce to engage with each other. 
    • Designate trusted individuals in your company as your program’s “Rewards Managers”. Whether you choose your HR Representative or a department manager, assigning Rewards Managers will help your program run smoothly. Learn how to assign Rewards Managers on Applauz.
    • If your organization uses Slack for internal office communication, adding Applauz to your Slack channel will improve your program engagement. Applauz for Slack will send updates to your chosen channel whenever a recognition event occurs on Applauz. All you need to know about this feature is explained in the article “How to add Applauz to Slack”.
    • Buy Points to allocate to your Rewards Managers so they can begin recognizing their teams. You can also decide to enable the “Auto-Points Refill” option available on your program settings page. This feature allows you to automatically allocate points to your Rewards Managers every month, as long as you have enough points in your company points bank. To learn more on how to set up Auto-Points, please refer to our tutorial “How Auto-Points Work on Applauz”.

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