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New Personal Profiles

By: Applauz Recognition
Jul 12, 2019

In order to navigate to the profile page, click on the profile icon in the top right of the Applauz Screen and select “My Profile”.

On the profile page, the information is segmented into two sections:

The top section, which is also divided into two, includes all the employee’s information including name, date of birth, their department, preferred language, and hiring date.

The bottom half of this first section also includes all the employee’s personal points, recognition, and badges accrued since their hiring date. Here you can see specifically how many points they have in their wallet, and how many they have earned through awarded points from managers.

The second section of the profile illustrates all the badges Employees have earned, and those they have yet to earn. This section is divided into three sections, one for each type of badge that can be earned.

The first box to the very left is the Celebration badges which consists of the Welcome, Anniversary, Birthday, and Congratulatory badges. The following Box supports great work ethics including everything from Going Above and Beyond to We Think Bigger, and the last box on the right supports company values, from Be Green to Accountability.

Here Employees can keep track of all the progress they’ve made within the company and challenge themselves to keep outdoing the work they’ve done!


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