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The News Feed

The News Feed

By: Applauz Recognition
Mar 28, 2019

The News Feed is where all the action happens. Think of it as your company’s employee engagement “town square”, where all social and professional interactions necessary to develop and sustain employee engagement occur.

Owners and managers can also complement their posts with badges and Applauz Points (redeemable on the Rewards Marketplace). News Feed posts are available for all your employees to see and react to.

Characteristics of the News Feed

The user’s Profile Card is located to the left of the News Feed. This is where all personal statistics regarding the user can be found.

  • Total Points earned
  • Total Recognitions received
  • Total Badges earned
  • Clicking on the number of Points, Recognitions or Badges earned will filter the News Feed to show the posts relevant to the selected stat.
  • Further filtering of the newsfeed can be done using the Filter Menu below the Profile Card.
    • By Department
    • By Role (ie. Owner, Manager, Employee, or Yourself)

The Workplace Card is located to the right of the News Feed. This is where the overall statistics regarding Points, Recognitions and Badges can be found.

  • Total Points awarded
  • Total Recognitions given
  • Total Badges awarded
  • The Top 3 participants over the last 30 days are also showcased at the bottom of the card.
    • Most awarded participant (with Applauz Points)
    • Most recognized participant
    • Most badged participant

Functionalities of the News Feed

The News Feed itself is located in the centre. It’s the Hub of all actions happening on the platform. Start using the News feed by recognizing a peer or by creating a new post.

New Posts & Recognitions

Create new posts or recognition by using the form at the top of the News Feed.

Regular Posts

Keep your workforce informed of important company matters by posting to the News Feed. A company-wide email notification can be sent when a Post needs to be seen by everyone rapidly. If needed, you can also edit (within a 5-minute limit) or delete your posts.

Recognition Posts

Recognize a single person or a group of people for their collaborative efforts. Owners & Managers can also Award those being recognized with Badges and or Applauz Points for contributing to company culture and corporate value appreciation. Recognition Posts are colour-coded with a “Teal” bar.

Event Posts

Applauz can automatically announce and celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries on the News Feed. Event Posts are color-coded “Yellow” and feature the celebrated participant on a decorative background.


Anyone can comment on posts in the news feed. After commenting there is a 5-minute time limit for editing any mistakes.


Anyone can React to News Feed post or Recognition using one of the available reactions

Filtering Views

The News Feed can be filtered to view everything, specific posts per manager, employees, or just your own.


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