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Increase your Employee Engagement by up to 202%!

By: Applauz Recognition
Mar 21, 2019

Not only do most businesses not invest all that much in their employees’ recognition programs, circa 1-2% of their revenue, but this amount is also indicative of the value that businesses place on their employee recognition initiatives.

The jarring statistic that employers need to understand is, according to a study by Business 2 Community, employee performance can increase by an average of 202% compared to that of employees who are only somewhat engaged. That is a huge increase in productivity which translates incredibly well to any business’s bottom line.

Unlike the majority of Employee Engagement platforms, Applauz is 100% free to set up which means whatever budget you’ve put in place to recognize your employees, goes directly to them. If you’d like a little more information about what kind of value you can get from an Employee Recognition platform, read up a little more about it here, and if you want to talk directly with a consultant, click here. If you’d like a hard look at the simple statistics also, you can check out this page on Rise.

The benefits of Employee Engagement don’t come simply from those direct statistics, there are many compounding effects as well. As engagement is very much a top-down initiative, it displays a great example for all employees to see upper and middle management taking on the same values of becoming engaged with their office work as everyone else, but by creating an atmosphere of open communication between all employees and management and being fully transparent, not only will you garner more trust from employees, but that trust will be demonstrated through discretionary effort.

Having Engaged Employees is one thing, they tend to be that much more productive during their regular work hours, but if you have employees who are going above and beyond and putting that same effort into even more working hours, that translates into much more bottom-line gains for the business. This kind of effort is priceless. You just need to remember, so long as you keep creating this kind of culture, your business will be exponentially successful. Why not start with Applauz today, and ensure that your business is properly taken care of?




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