The ROI of Employee Engagement

Build a great place to work while saving money

The Value of Employee Engagement

Losing employees? Struggling to reach your performance and profitability goals? Complaining customers?

Look no further for a diagnosis: chances are that you’re suffering from a lack of employee engagement, like so many other companies.

Employee recognition programs such as Applauz can help you increase productivity and revenues, lower retention and absenteeism, while saving you money. Just to give you an example, corporations whose employees are motivated outperform those whose employees are not by no less than 200%. This means higher annual revenues, better growth opportunities, and a work environment that motivates employees to go the extra mile.

But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself how much money you can save by calculating your Return On Investment.

What is your company size?

In 2017, the average number of employees for Canadian SMB's was 87.

2 1000 < DRAG >
0 Employees

What's your company's average annual salary?

In 2017 , the average wage in Canada was just over $51,000.

$10,000 $100,000 < DRAG >
0 $/year avg. salary

What's your company's actual turnover rate?

In 2018, the avarage turnover rate in Canada was 16%

0% 80% < DRAG >
0 % turnover rate